Working of Municipal Waste Incinerator and its 5 Advantages

Incineration is a process of managing waste by burning it in the presence of oxygen. Incinerators are best for Municipal organisations to build a long term action plan for waste management. Thus, to support municipal corporations, Precitech manufactures and supplies Municipal Waste Incinerator in Hyderabad and India. 

Dumping heaps of waste can never be a viable solution because landfills are known for harmful toxins, odour and water supply contamination.

Environmental Issues with Landfills

When we follow the norms of zero-waste, we often choose sustainable products that have a reusable substitute. But, it is nearly impossible to choose an alternative for every commodity. So, to some extent, there will be waste which needs to be managed. And, landfills cannot solve the issue.

Landfills are a major source of pollution because: 

  1. Waste seeps into local land and water bodies and releases toxins. As a result, harmful metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury end up in the environment. 
  2. There is leachate formation in landfills. It’s a liquid which forms up when waste breaks down. Leachate contains harmful chemicals such as methane, acids, and aldehydes. 
  3. The release of greenhouse gases leads to the greenhouse effect.

Incinerators do not just burn the waste. It follows a framework by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India. The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable energy promotes multiple technology options to handle the waste. Incineration is one of the options for waste-to-energy conversions.

Working of Municipal Waste Incinerator

Precitech’s incinerator is stationary and consists of — a primary chamber, secondary chamber, dust collector, heat recovery system, smoke washer, ID fan, FD fan, chimney, and an auto control system. The incinerators work on electricity. However, we can customise it according to your requirements. The incinerator can handle 1kg/hr to 4tons/hr of waste.   

All the waste is collected at the “throat” at one grate end. From there, the waste reaches the descending grate. There is a supply of primary air from the bottom of the grate. The primary air is essential for combustion. Further, nozzles supply the secondary air. 

Excess oxygen is the key requirement in the burning process. There are auxiliary burners to increase the temperature and enhance combustion. A well-designed scrubber prevents fly ash from reaching the environment. There is an ash pit at the end from where one can collect waste ash.

Precitech offers a range of burners. Read more about them here.

Our municipal waste Incinerator is a proven solution to handle municipal waste such as 

  • Product packaging
  • Old clothing
  • Food scraps
  • Old newspapers
  • Batteries, and many more

Treatment of several other types of commercial and domestic waste can also be done efficiently on Precitech’s municipal waste Incinerator.

5 Advantages of Incineration

  1. Incineration decreases the quantity of waste.
  2. The by-product ash has usage in construction aggregate.
  3. Baghouse filters and scrubbers remove the fine particles preventing them from polluting the environment. 
  4. There is a reduction in the release of greenhouse gases in the environment.
  5. With a computerised control system, our incinerators are easy-to-use.

Check out the range of Precitech’s range of Incinerators here.

Safety Measures while Operating on Incinerators

  1. Wear a long sleeve shirt along with a metal mesh and protective gloves.
  2. Wear a protective helmet to secure the eyes.
  3. Ensure that the incineration area has effective exhaust ventilation.
  4. Wear respiratory protection during maintenance and servicing.

We would also suggest the sanitary officials and workers understand the instructions properly during the installation of the Incinerators. 

At Precitech, we offer timely inspection and maintenance to our customers. Schedule a call with Precitech for annual maintenance support or an emergency restoration for Municipal Waste Incinerator.  In addition, Precitech provides Municipal Waste Incinerators at the best price in Hyderabad and India.

Final thoughts on Municipal Waste Incinerator

Apart from the recycling of waste, there is so much waste that is difficult to handle no matter what. When done under the norms of regulation, incineration will improve the environment. With reliable techniques such as incineration, waste management becomes easier.

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