Hot Water Generator

Oil Fired – Electric – Gas Fired – Diesel Fired

High Efficiency—Less Fuel consumption.
• Single Button Start / Stop with Automatic Control with Safety features.
• Noiseless operation with Monobloc Burner
• No water treatment required when used with Calorifier.
• Smokeless combustion. Low Pollutants.
• No explosion hazards due to coil design

Oil Fired Hot Water Generator by Precitech

Oil Fired Hot Water Generator

When higher temperatures are necessary for the manufacturing process; industrial equipment such as high-pressure hot water boilers are employed. The Oil Fired Hot Water Generators achieve the temperatures required to produce hot water powered by various best industrial oils. Used predominantly in the Chemical, Food Processing Industry, and the Beverage Industries.

Electric Hot Water Generator by Precitech

Electric Hot Water Generator

Industrial Hot Water Generator is generally preferred when the required process temperature is relatively low – typically less than 90°C. The temperatures are attained by Electric Hot Water Generators with minimal human intervention and easy operation. They are used widely in Hospitals and Hostels.

Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler by Precitech

Gas Fired Hot Water Generator

Hot Water Generators are prefered over other heat-generating equipment for their simplicity and low installation cost. Gas Fired Hot Water Generators function with gas as fuel to generate boiling water instantly. These are used popularly in Residential Complex, Laundry, and Dairy Industries.

Diesel Fired Hot Water Generator by Precitech

Diesel Fired Hot Water Generator

Diesel Fired Hot Water Generators are quite compact and fully automatic. The Hot Water Generator design occupies comparatively tiny space due to its compact size. These are mostly found in the Hotel Industry and the Dairy Industry.