Thermal Fluid Systems – All you need to know

More and more industrial processing facilities nowadays are looking forward to Thermal Fluid Systems for heating necessities. Thermal Fluid Systems are preferred when the requirement is — a greater temperature range and control. Precitech has more than two decades of experience in installing a complete Thermal Fluid System for industries across Hyderabad in Telangana and other Indian cities. We have also been exporting our heating solutions to other countries. 

A Thermal Fluid System is an industrial heating system wherein a hot fluid is circulated to provide heat. The temperature in the systems is maintained between 100°C and 400°C. A pump is being used to transfer the heat through a fired heat exchanger. 

It has a diverse range of applications across industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Petrochemicals and more. The common applications of Thermal Fluid Systems are tank heating, process reboilers, crude oil heating, in-line liquid and gas heating, and more.

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Synthetic Thermal Fluids & Thermic Fluid Heaters 

Oil can work at a higher temperature without getting boiled, unlike water-based Thermal Fluids. It is also non-corrosive and non-reactive. On the other hand, Thermic Fluid Heaters also have less operating costs and versatile applications. The combination of both is a life-saver for many industries which require heat without a significant increase in pressure.  

Precitech is the chief supplier and the stockist of high-temperature Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil. Our Synthetic Thermic Fluids work at a temperature between 300°C-330°C with minimal carbon deposits. 

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Precitech’s Thermal Fluid heaters 

Here is the broad range of Precitech’s efficient and highly effective Thermic Fluid Heaters:

Diesel Fired Thermic Fluid Heater 

The equipment is used for heat transfer when the fluid is heated externally. It is considered best for energy saving. It has applications in the Petroleum, Chemical and Synthetic Fibre Industries. 

Electric Thermic Fluid Heater 

These heaters are electrically fail-proof that can withstand high temperatures complying with the electric standards. Popularly used in the Plywood & Laminates, and Chemical Industries. 

Wood Fired Thermic Fluid Heater

The Thermic Fluid Heater uses solid fuel and fuel gas as the source of heat. The heater is perfect for the Petroleum and Chemical Industries. 

FO fired Thermic Fluid Heaters

The furnace oil heaters use high viscous oil as a heating medium. Various food Processing, Rubber, Textile, and Chemical Industries require Furnace Oil Thermic Fluid Heaters.  

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Advantages of Thermal Fluid Systems 

In a Thermal Fluid System, both the Thermal Fluid Heaters and the Synthetic Thermal Fluid are an integral part of the system. Here, are a few of the advantages of the Thermal Fluid Systems: 

  1. Thermal Fluid Systems have a great temperature range and don’t require much pressure. It can work easily at zero or low-pressure range. 
  2. Flashpoint tests are done regularly on the systems. Apart from that, Thermal Fluid Systems do not require any other maintenance. Thus, it requires minimal maintenance.
  3. It can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. If installed outdoors, it is far from the production areas and improves the overall plant safety. 
  4. The Thermal Fluid Systems are the most cost-effective heating solution after the steam boilers.
  5. The Precitech Thermal Fluid Systems are reliable & leak-proof. In a leak-proof system, fluids stay in the system and there isn’t any wastage. This decreases fluid wastage. In addition to it, there is no need for constant restocking of Synthetic Thermic Fluids.

Concluding Thoughts

To ensure worker safety and maintenance of the system, it is essential to maintain the overall industrial hygiene. The Thermal Fluid Systems can be installed outside to maintain maximum ventilation and to keep the odour away. The environmental factors also need to be taken care of.

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With more than 25 years of experience in thermal fluid systems designs, we are a leading provider of Thermal Fluids and Thermal Fluid Heaters. We have worked in a broad spectrum of industries. To get a thermal fluid system for your industry book a consultation call with Precitech today!