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Persistence leading to Victory

📍Indian Navy, Odisha

One of the mega-projects completed by Precitech was for the prestigious Indian Navy NAD (Naval Armament Depot) located at Sunabeda, Odisha. Sunabeda is an industrial town located in the valleys of the Koraput region. It was a challenging task as the region is surrounded by lush forests and mountains. Our work included installing a specialised Electrode Boiler for the Indian Navy. The main difficulty was to reach the area along with all the parts and machinery.

Our expert led team reached there and after persistent efforts and right training, we finally completed the project within 8 days. Not to forget that the Electrode Boiler working principle was affected due to the critical situation. In Spite of such barriers Precitech pulled off the project within a considerable time.  This time-bound delivery by Precitech was very much appreciated by the Indian Navy. Precitech is among the heavy machinery companies that could crack such a deal.

Escalating waste management practices

We want no thrash on Earth

📍 People’s Medical College, Bhopal

A Biomedical waste incinerator is a customary requirement for Medical Centres to primarily manage humongous amounts of Biomedical waste. A PLC enabled 50 kg Biomedical Incinerator was installed at People’s Medical College in Bhopal. The Precitech expert team had a sitting with the College authority to discuss the actual process.  We came to a conclusion and the authority was convinced by the fact that the incineration process of biomedical waste is time efficient and effective. The college had set a strict deadline as they didn’t want to hold back the college functioning.

The project was completed by Precitech within the stipulated time frame allotted by the college, and in accordance with the guidelines of the CPCB Board.  We developed the Bio medical waste Incinerator using the cutting edge technology of PLC (Programmable Logic Control) to provide flexibility and efficiently programmed controllers for viable waste management. The biomedical waste incinerator system installed at People’s Medical College is still operating with high reliability and effectiveness and to us, this is what finally matters.

Proud moment to work with Indian Defence Laboratory

Challenges can’t stop us from serving

📍NSTL, Visakhapatnam 

Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL), is an Indian defence laboratory of DRDO, located in Visakhapatnam. It was a proud moment for Precitech when we got a chance to work with the esteemed NSTL. During the last couple of years the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge barrier.  During these challenging times of COVID-19 when the nation was going through strict lockdown and travel restrictions, we managed to take permission from the government and work with our limited staff in collaboration with NSTL. In Spite of health risks our enthusiastic team of experts didn’t back out of this project. 

The installation of the 5 Million Kcal Hot Air Generator was a customised design for NSTL. Among the hot air generator applications, this generator was specially designed for submarine simulation in the laboratory. The Generator was more than 60ft tall and maintained an exhaust temperature of 600°C.The team travelled all the way with such heavy machinery without any complaints. Our design was acknowledged by NSTL and post that, we delivered three machines for the organisation. We are proud to declare Precitech one of the best among the hot air generator manufacturers.

The tale of North East India’s biggest Medical Waste Incinerator

Synergies with SMC

📍 Municipal Corporation, Shillong

Precitech installed one of the biggest Medical Waste Incinerators in the Northeastern part of India. A 100kg/h Biomedical waste Incinerator was handed to the Shillong Municipal Corporation (SMC) to support their vision of ensuring the right to public health and a congenial environment. It was a prestigious moment for us to participate in the drive of medical and environmental development. Our contribution was in the incineration process of biomedical waste.

With the hard work and support of our team, Precitech accomplished the project under time constraints on the high altitudes of Shillong. Under such extreme climatic conditions at 4°C, it was challenging to keep track of the time. As the days were short, our working time was also limited. With extensive trial and testing, our installation of the Medical Waste Incinerator was completed on time and the incinerator design was approved by both SMC and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board). Such a wonderful feeling it was for our team!

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