5 Types of Industrial Burners and Their Uses

What is an Industrial Burner?

An Industrial Burner is a device that uses air or liquid fuel to achieve combustion in a controlled manner. Specific burners have their specific flame and a heat-release pattern.

Industrial Burners are divided into different categories. A few of them are explained here:

  1. Oil Burner: It is a heating device that is used for burning heating oils, diesel fuels, and similar fuels. A part of the Oil Burner is attached to an oil furnace or a Boiler. This provides the ignition of heating oil to heat air or water by employing a heat exchanger. 
  2. Hot Air Burners: It employs a central heat exchanger to preheat the type of incoming air. 
  3. Regenerative Burners: These Burners use a pair of Burners. Both of them alternate between firing and exhausting. It also consists of a regenerative heat exchanger box to create hot preheated air. 
  4. Oxy-Fuel Burners: These Burners use fuel and pure oxygen for burning purposes. 
  5. Gas Burners: Industrial Gas Burners use natural gas as a fuel. The gas is supplied to the Burner before the combustion at a pressure enough to generate a supply of air to mix with it.  

Industrial Burners are operated in diverse industries like Automotive Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Processing Industry, and Power Generation Industry.

Precitech Supplies Wide Variety of Industrial Burners

We manufacture more than 20 types of Burners. This provides controlled combustion required in the manufacturing process. Types of Industrial Burners provided by Precitech are Ecoflam, Diesel, Gas, Bentone, Oxilon, Sookook, Oil, Furnace, and Heavy Oil. 

Precitech has a ready stock of High-Quality Industrial Burners in different ranges and capacities. These can be acquired from us at a reasonable price. The fuels used are diesel, gas, FO, and LDO. The temperature range is 35°C to 200°C and the capacity is from 50,000 to 2Million Kcal/hr.

Get an Industrial Burner designed for your industry, to achieve goals like increased production and reduction of emissions.

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The Basic Working of an Industrial Burner  

These Industrial Burners are different from others. The Burner can be used for a wide array of options from heating, manufacturing, and steam production. The device has a Burner tip from which the fuel is being injected. There is an ignitor that ignites the mixture. Both the fuel and oxygen are mixed to achieve controlled combustion.

Controlled combustion is very essential for maximizing the production and productivity levels of the industry.    

We have been Industrial Burner Manufacturers for more than two decades. As almost every industry uses Industrial Burners, it becomes important to select a burner according to the prerequisites of your industry.

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