Bio Medical Waste Incinerator by Precitech


We have devised various phenomenal eco-friendly variations of incinerators addressing different uses. We manufacture various types such as Biomedical waste incinerators, Municipal waste Incinerators, Hazardous & Non-Hazardous waste Incinerators, Chemical waste Incinerators, Dead body Incinerators/Cremators, Paper waste Incinerators, Animal waste Incinerators and Fuel free Incinerators. To give a clearer perspective, our incinerators are being operated at various Municipalities, Hospitals, Chemical Industries, Laboratories, Government sector organizations and Zoos.
Gas Thermic Fluid Heater by Precitech

Thermic Fluid Heaters

We manufacture highly custom and best quality Thermic Fluid Heaters which are helpful for heat transfer across the manufacturing process of products such as Polymers, Polyester, Resins, Textile, Biomedical, Biochemical, Organic, Petrochemical products. We are immensely proud that our Thermic Fluid Heaters are functioning in various Processing Industries to date.
Synthetic Thermic Fluid or Heat Transfer Fluid

Synthetic Thermic Fluids

Precitech Thermal Private Limited is the chief supplier and stockist of high-temperature Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil. The greatest advantage of our heat transfer fluid is it does not generate carbon deposition in the system. Various industries such as Biochemicals, Cattle feed plants, Oil Refineries, Corrugated Box Industries, Polymer Industries, Paper Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles Industries, Food processing Industries procure Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil from us.
Steam Boiler by Precitech

Steam Boilers

We are one of the prime Oil Fired Steam Boiler Manufacturers in India. The Industrial Steam Boilers are designed with utmost care and expertise to meet client requirements. These range of products are widely used in industries such as – Sugar Industries, Paper Industries, Textile Industries, Automotive Industries, and so on.
Hot Air General Diesel Fired by Precitech

Hot Air Generators

Utilizing the atmospheric air, our Industrial Hot Air Generators gusts air at high temperatures in no time. Precitech’s Hot Air Generators are cast with high precision, are functional in various Food industries, Polymer Industries, Packaging Industries, Printing Industries, and Drying processes till date.
Hot Water Generator by Precitech

Hot Water Generators

In scenarios where the operating temperature is relatively low, Industrial Hot Water Generators are the best choice. We are one of the best Hot Water Generator Manufacturers in India. Our Hot Water Generators are sophisticated yet very economical and are operational widely in various Hotels, Dairies, Hospitals, Pharma Industries, Hostels and Bulk-drug Industries.
Multifuel Industrial Burner by Precitech

Industrial Burners

Industrial Burners are designed to produce controlled combustion required in the manufacturing procedures. Precitech’s Burners are one of the Best Burners in India, fabricated to serve the purpose perfectly. We manufacture diverse types of burners such as Heavy Oil burner, Gas burner, Oil burner, Furnace oil burner, Ecoflam burner, Bentone burner, Diesel burner, Sookook burner, Ecoflam burner, Riello burner, Dual fuel burner, Single stage burner, Two stage burner, Modulation burner, Monoblock burner, Jet burner, Short flame burner, Long flame burner and Twin block burner.
Boiler and Burner Spares by Precitech

Burner and Boiler Spares

Precitech Thermal Private Limited is the leading supplier and stockist of Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil in India and all types of oil/gas burners, Burner & Boiler spares. We offer exquisite quality products and the best after-sales support.
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