The Technology Behind Fuel-Free Incinerator

There are several varieties of incineration processes, and each differs from another by the usage of fuel. The fuel is a crucial parameter in the incineration process. However, you may be surprised to know about the Fuel-Free Incinerator

Yes, a Fuel-Free Incinerator doesn’t require any fuel or electricity to operate. Precitech’s R&D team came to a solution of fuel-free incinerators. We provide Fuel-Free incinerators in Hyderabad and across other Indian cities. From the usage of incinerators, there is complete destruction of waste. The incinerators ensure that waste never reaches the environment to degrade it.

Working of Fuel-Free Incinerator

Every fuel has some amount of calorific value. Precitech fuel-free incinerators use the calorific value of the waste to produce heat. The heat formed converts waste to ash. The most vital aspect here is that the waste material should have a heating value. 

There is a separate waste charging door for loading the waste. Initially, dry waste with a high calorific value should be loaded so that ignition starts smoothly. Then rest of the waste is added gradually.    

Air plays a significant role in Fuel-Free Incinerators. The formation of air turbulence occurs after primary charging. The air turbulence is known as Draught. 

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Now, in the Precitech incinerators, Draught is of two types:

  • Natural Draught 
  • Forced Draught

The natural draught is produced due to the temperature difference between the gases. On the other hand, forced draught is produced by employing a fan. The draught can be natural or forced depending upon the application and the differential pressure.

There is a refractory brick/paste lining which provides better heat retention for a longer duration. There is an inbuilt scrubber which is helpful in cleaning the flue gas and controls the odour. 

Scrubbers make the management of fuel easier. The scrubber is a kind of air pollution control device essential for removing gases and particulates. Since the industrial exhaust emissions have toxic fumes, a scrubber eliminates all the unwanted pollutants. Finally, the waste emissions can be easily removed using a sliding door.

Waste Management by Fuel-Free Incinerator 

The Incinerators are mainly used for solid hazardous waste only. Precitech Fuel-Free Incinerators are suitable for disposing of a variety of waste such as :

  • Food waste 
  • Organic waste
  • Agricultural waste
  • Non-chlorine Paper
  • Sanitary Napkins, Diapers

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Advantages of Precitech’s Fuel-Free Incinerator 

  • Our incinerators have a low operational cost and require less maintenance.
  • It has a modular design for easy maintenance and after repair.
  • Incinerators are available in multiple ranges; thus you can select them according to your requirements.
  • The incinerators have a stainless steel body which acts as a resistance to corrosion. Further, it offers massive structural strength. 
  • The incinerators are well-designed and can easily withstand high temperatures. 
  • Precitech and the team will give a demo during the installation and explain the user’s manual. Thus, it requires less workforce and low expertise.
  • The incinerators are stationary built. Installing the machine will save cost and effort on transportation as all the waste material can be processed at a common location. 

Precitech’s Fuel-Free Incinerator can handle waste in the range of 50 kg/day to 40 tons/day. The Fuel-Free incinerators work at 900°C and beyond. A high temperature is essential for the secure disposal of waste. Further, this is also helpful in diverting the waste from landfills.  

Closing Thoughts on Fuel Free Incinerator 

With decades of experience, we’ve earned our place as industry leaders. We are proud to offer some of the most robust, innovative, and technologically advanced Fuel-Free Incinerators in Hyderabad and other Indian cities. We are manufacturer and suppliers of Fuel-Free Incinerators that are — versatile, durable, and highly efficient.

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