5 Useful Boiler Spare Parts for Your Industry

Every industry equipped with a Steam Boiler has a complete boiler management system. However, it is an acknowledged fact that due to inadequate maintenance and control the steam boilers, thermic fluid heaters, incinerators, etc., need spare parts. The parts are essential to maintain high productivity as it improves machine uptime.Thus, for a trouble-free operation of Boilers, Boiler spare parts come in handy. 

We deal with a wide array of Boiler spare parts in Hyderabad, Telangana and other parts of India. These include Boiler Sensors, Gas Valves, Thermocouples, and more. Let’s understand the five essential Boiler Spare parts your industry requires.

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Flame sensors

The device safeguards to ensure that the Burner is working. Large Industrial Boilers and multi-utility Boilers require a Flame sensor to detect the presence or absence of flame. 

It is one of the most important safety devices in industrial heating and beneficial to prevent boiler explosions. There are certain instances of flame failure in which the flame in the combustion chamber fails due to a faulty operation. Thus, it’s important to have a Flame Sensor to detect and respond to heat, smoke, and fire.

Boiler Spare parts at Precitech

Valves and Pumps

Boiler feed pumps continuously and the feed water valve controls the water level in the boiler. There is a safety relief valve to prevent the pressure increment in the pump. The safety relief valve is also essential to cease any damage to the pump.  

The pumps run at a higher pressure than the boiler operating pressure range. They are sized to provide enough water to flow in the boiler. If any malfunctioning occurs in the feedwater valve then the safety relief valve prevents the pressure spike. 


Ignitors are being used to ignite the industrial burners. The ignitors produce low energy spark between two electrodes to by passing a high voltage current. The device is to initiate combustion in the burners and circulate heat within the boiler furnace. 

The voltage range for an ignitor is in the range of 10kV – 25kV. The ignitors are useful to start burners, furnaces, and forced heat systems. 

Industrial Burners 

Industrial Burners are required for fuel burning, the burners convert the chemical energy of the fuel into thermal energy. The thermal energy thus generated, applies to many technological processes. 

In the Industrial burners, there is a right mixing between fuel and air for complete combustion. At Precitech we provide burners which have low emissions and are highly efficient. Different ignitors have different specifications. While the gas igniotrs don’t require any refills or batteries the furnace ignitors require electric current in order to heat the surface. 

Pressure Control Valve 

While the large devices are PLC enabled, the small heating systems are updated with a pressure-controlled device or a Pressure Control Valve. With the device, there is no need to manually adjust the boiler firing rate. 

The system pressure can be easily adjusted by the Pressure Control Device. There will be no requirement of tripling the boiler. Every boiler room should have a spare pressure control sensor so as to use it during an emergency. 

Final Thoughts

While having the spare parts ready in stock is an important step. This will decrease the wear & tear of the main boiler parts. An annual maintenance plan is even better to monitor the working of the equipment. 

The material of our boiler spare parts is of excellent quality with high functional capability. With your investment with Precitech, you will be able to procure quality boiler spare parts at market-leading prices. In addition, Precitech provides Steam Boilers and boiler spare parts at the best price in Hyderabad and India.

We will help you to save a lot on operating costs. We have a rich experience of working on Turnkey Steam Boiler projects across Hyderabad and India. We will assist you with commissioning, installation, and annual maintenance of Steam Boilers and boiler spare parts as well. 

Book a free consultation call with us to help you decide on the most appropriate burner spare parts your industry requires.

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