Thermic Fluid Heater – Working and its 3 Unique Features

Thermic Fluid Heaters are high-efficiency process heaters that employ high-viscosity synthetic oil as the heating medium. In a Thermic Fluid Heater, the Industry can obtain the maximum process heat temperature at low pressure. It is because using a Steam Boiler at high temperatures would increase the project’s overall cost. 

Precitech has been a manufacturer and supplier of a premium range of Thermic Fluid Heaters for industries in Hyderabad and across India.

What is a Thermic Fluid Heater?

A Thermic Fluid Heater is a type of industrial heater used for the purpose of heat transfer. A synthetic thermic fluid circulates in the system to regulate the heat for the desired processes. 

At Precitech, we manufacture both Horizontal and Vertical Thermic Fluid Heaters. Check out the range of heaters here.

Components of a Thermic Fluid Heater

Precitech’s Thermic Fluid Heaters consist of the following components:

  • Coils of a Heater
  • Expansion of the Burner/Furnace Tank with deaerator
  • The pump for circulating oil is air-cooled and has a mechanical seal that can withstand high temperatures
  • Fans, both primary and secondary
  • Units for heat recovery and work on a capacity of 87±2%.
  • Pollution-control technology works on high carbon dioxide content for maintaining clean combustion
  • For the convenience of use, there is a control panel

Working of Thermic Fluid Heater

In a Thermic Fluid Heater, fluid pumping occurs in close loops. Further, heat transfer takes place in the process through a heat exchanger. In three passes, the flame moves through the Thermic Fluid. 

The first pass should be made vertically downstream from the Burner and travel vertically up in the gap between the second pass. Between the second cross cell and the Heater’s exterior casing, the third pass flows.

Reach out to us if your industry is in Hyderabad or any of the neighbouring cities, and let us design the best Thermic Fluid Heater for your industry.

Unique Features of Thermic Fluid Heaters 

  1. Achieve a high temperature while maintaining a low pressure

There is no possibility of an explosion because this application is not prone to risks. It requires less constant attention or regulation and monitoring of system pressure levels.

  1. Easy to Care For along with lower investment and operational cost 

Compared to other systems, the Thermic Fluid Heater has a closed-loop system. This leads to lower maintenance costs.

  1. Corrosion is impossible without water

Water treatment, daily blowdown, handhold gasket replacement, annual inspections, steam trap maintenance, and even retuning are not required for Thermal Fluid Heaters. All these factors contribute to lower Thermal Fluid Heater maintenance costs.

Safety measures for a Thermic Fluid Heater

Ensure that your Thermal Fluid system is in good working order by performing routine inspections:

It’s critical to be on the lookout for warning signals that a more significant crisis is on the way. Take action if you sense anything isn’t quite right before it becomes a bigger problem that puts you and your coworkers in jeopardy. At least once a year, a licensed specialist should inspect your Thermal Fluid System. 

We offer annual and monthly inspection services to our clients too.

Connect with Precitech if you want extensive inspection and servicing of the heating equipment of your industry. 

After installing the Thermal Fluid system, make sure all system components are compatible. It’s critical to ensure that every system component is functioning together efficiently. Incompatible elements might cause issues and escalate risks that would otherwise go unnoticed. One of the reasons you would want to purchase your full thermal fluid system at one location is system compatibility.

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Winding up with this, locating an industrial heating system suitable for your building can be difficult – and finding one that is within your budget might feel virtually impossible; however, it’s not.

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