Introducing 5 Types of Industrial Burners for Industries

Industrial Burners are used for burning fuel, it converts the chemical energy of the fuel into thermal energy. The thermal energy thus generated, applies to many technological processes. 

The design of the burners has always been a challenge. The utmost requirement is to get a proper mixing between fuel and air for complete combustion. In addition, while reducing the emissions of harmful nitrogenous compounds there is a reduction in efficiency as well. At Precitech we provide burners which have low emissions and are highly efficient. 

Precitech provides superior quality Industrial Burners in Hyderabad, Telangana and other Indian cities. In this blog, we will understand the basic features of 5 types of burners. 

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Parameters of Precitech’s Industrial Burners 

Here, are a few of the basic parameters of Precitech’s Industrial Burners:

Capacity: 50000 to 2 Million kcal/hour

Temperature range: 35°C to 200°C

Compatible Fuel: Diesel, Gas, Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil

Multi-Fuel Industrial Burners

The Multi-Fuel Burner has a burner head, a heating pumping unit, and an electrical control panel. As the name suggests the burner is compatible with multiple fuels such as biogas, natural gas, LPG, high diesel and light diesel oils.

Single Stage Industrial Burners

The burner has one of the simplest constructions and has fewer settings. The gas valve here is of 100% capacity. Thus, the burner always produces heat at full power. The cost of installation of a Single-Stage Burner is less and it is durable. 

Short-flame and Long-flame Industrial Burners 

In the long Flame Burner, as the name suggests, the flame travels a distance to allow sufficient time for combustion. When slow burning is being required, Long Flame Burners are incorporated. On the other hand, Short Flame Burners are used for heating in a local area. 

Heat Maxx Oil Industrial Burner

The burner offers a better spread of fuel, as there is a steam air intermixing burner, and low fuel pressure required. It has a wide turn-down ratio, low carbon and low dust in the exhaust gases. Hence, making it preferable for industries. 

Gas Burner 

The Gas Burners are used in Smoke Tube Boilers, Water Tube Boilers, Electric Power Generation Boilers, Hot Oil Heaters, Air Heaters and Incinerators. It is easily applicable to various gas supply conditions. 

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The operating characteristics of most Industrial Burners are the same. The burners are an integral part of any industry as they fulfil the basic need of every industry, that is heat, which is a crucial driving factor for any industry.   

We offer a wide range of Industrial Burners applicable in industrial furnaces. Depending on the type of industry, we provide numerous types of burners for specific uses. Our burners are environment-friendly and are available at reasonable prices in Hyderabad and other cities of India.  

Get a quote from Precitech or reach out to us for installing or annual maintenance of Industrial Burners according to the requirements of the industry.