Diesel Fired Steam Boilers- Working and 3 Unique Advantages

Steam boilers are being used to change the water to steam using thermal energy. To produce heat, industries require a combustion setup intertwined with fuel and firing systems. The heat thus produced can be used for power generation, central heating, process heating, cooking on a large scale, sanitation, and many other industrial applications. 

Precitech has been supplying superior quality Steam Boilers for industries in Hyderabad, Telangana and other Indian cities. While dealing with many esteemed industries we noticed that our most popular variant has been the Diesel-Fired Steam Boiler. Therefore, in this blog, we will throw some more light on the working and advantages of our Diesel Fired Steam Boilers. 

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Working of Diesel Fired Steam Boilers

The key boiler components are mainly the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and controls. In addition, there are various other controls to regulate the firing rate, fuel supply, water temperature, and boiler pressure.

The boiler is equipped with a burner that produces combustion in a controlled way. The burner mixes the fuel and oxygen and further ignites the mixture. The combustion starts in the combustion chamber and generates heat. Finally, the water supplied to the boiler which later on converts into steam is known as feed water.

The heat produced in the combustion chamber is then transferred to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is used in the heating of the water to convert it to steam.

Hot steam produced by the Diesel-Fired Steam Boiler flows through the pipe and it is used according to the specific industry. 


Parameters of Precitech’s Diesel Fired Steam Boiler

The boiler energises the combustion of diesel and produces the high temperature required to produce boiler steam. The Diesel-Fired Steam Boiler is widely used in the Medical Industry, Pharma Industry, and Food and Beverage Industry.

Capacity – 5kg/Hr to 20 Ton/Hr 

Pressure – 1kg/cm2 to 20kg/cm2

Fuel – Diesel, LDO, FO

Why is Diesel the Best Fuel? 

When it comes to fuel, diesel oil is cost-effective. It is highly combustible due to its low viscosity. The combustion transfers the heat holistically to all the heating equipment. The oil can conduct heat along the surfaces uniformly, thus offering a high transfer efficiency. However, keep in mind to handle the diesel oil carefully.

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Advantages of the Diesel Fired Steam Boilers 

  1. Our boilers are enabled with automatic controls for your convenience and the safe operation of the Diesel-Fired Steam Boiler. 
  2. The boiler is highly efficient with efficiency approximately equal to 88%. 
  3. The boiler has a compact structure and fewer NOx emissions.

Final Thoughts

The boiler room has so much work going on it’s essential to follow all the safety measures. It’s necessary to understand the manual we provide to follow working procedures and safety. Along with it, annual maintenance of the boiler decreases the chance of any hazards. 

Precitech has been driving various industries with comprehensive heating solutions since 1994. With 28 years of experience, we have worked with over 1200 companies and individuals. Our company has gained multiple certifications from respected organisations. We have been providing Diesel-Fired Bteam boilers in Hyderabad, Telangana and many cities across India.  

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