4 Types of Hot Air Generators for Industries

Hot Air Generators are heating equipment designed for fast and efficient heating. The generators are mainly used in places where we require indirect heating such as — Chemicals, Food Processing, Automobiles, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals and many more. We at Precitech are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hot Air Generators based in Hyderabad, India. 

Precitech’s Hot Air Generators generate hot air with the highest possible thermal efficiency. The generators are compact and have a hassle-free maintenance system. Our generators have robust grade casing and a precise airflow system. It also has a four-pass design and a thermal efficiency of around 80% with minimal heat loss and maximum heat transfer area.  

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4 Types of Hot Air Generators by Precitech & Its Uses

  1. Oil Fired Hot Air Generator – Primarily used in adhesive tapes and packaging industry. The oil-fired Hot Air Generators use diesel as fuel and have a wide temperature range of 35°C to 1100°C
  2. Pellet Fired Hot Air Generator – Sawdust or by-products obtained from Agri products are compressed to form pellets. This makes the pellet eco-friendly due to its moisture content, low ash and high energy value. Food processing industries can use pellet hot air generators for indirect heating.  
  3. Gas Fired Hot Air Generator – These generators employ atmospheric air and convert it into heat. The fuel used for such generators is LPG or natural gas. Packaging Industries and Corrugated box industries can leverage the gas-fired hot air generators. 
  4. Electric Hot Air Generator – One of the low in maintenance, highly efficient hot air generators. The generators only require electricity and are widely used in the Pulses, Grain Processing Companies for drying the excess moisture in crops. 

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Purchasing Guide

The payback period for Hot Air Generators is 2 to 10 months. All the heating equipments provided by Precitech are well-designed and cost-effective. Therefore, the payback period is optimum for any industry.  

For the heating options, you can select the type according to your industry, such as – a direct air delivery system or an air supply system with ducts to heat multiple rooms. There should also be a fireplace to evacuate combustion gases outside the enclosure. Before purchasing it’s also vital to decide the type of fuel to be used along with the hot air generators. 

Regarding the price, of Hot Air Generators it depends largely on the capacity. However, it can range anywhere in between INR 2 lacs – 15 lacs or more. The price is mainly decided based on the capacity and customisations required.

Collaborate with Precitech 

Precitech’s Hot Air Generators are equipped with dust collectors, due to which there is less pollution. Your industry can save a lot on energy and cost by adopting our Hot Air Generators. We provide excellent heating solutions such as hot air generators for industries in Hyderabad, Telangana and other Indian cities. Do you know why you should choose Precitech’s Hot Air Generators? Click here to read

With every piece of heating equipment from Precitech, you will get a faultless operation, energy efficiency, and continuous on-site assistance backed by industry experts. Reach us today to start your industrial journey.