5 Promising Applications Of Steam Boilers in the Industries

The Steam Boilers are pressure vessels that are used to generate high-pressure steam at saturated temperatures. As we all know, steam is still one of the most widely used technologies, and high-steam industrial processes are very energy-intensive. Heat plays an important role in providing energy. In addition to producing heat, an industry requires mainly steam. Thus, a Steam Boiler comes into play which provides an uninterrupted supply of steam for industrial processes.

To support various industries with heating solutions, Precitech was established in 1994. We have our clientele based in Hyderabad and other Indian cities. We have experience of working with various national and international clients. Let’s understand more about the industries which require Steam Boilers.   

Feature of Precitech’s Steam Boilers 

Here are a few of the features of our steam boilers. 

  1. Fully automatic boiler operation 
  2. Thermal Boiler efficiency reaches up to 88%+-2
  3. Faster boiler steam production from the cold start. Time varies as the boiler capacity.
  4. Has a large heating surface and high CO2 exhaust, the combustion is free from air pollutants.
  5. High safety standards and free from explosive hazards. 

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5 Industrial Applications of Steam Boilers 

Although there are many industries which require steam boilers. Here we will discuss quite a few of them.

Power plants 

Thermal power plants or thermal power stations convert the heat energy for electric power generation that is supplied to homes, factories, and institutes. It has many commercial and household applications. There are turbines that convert the heat to mechanical power and then finally into a boiler. Precitech boilers maintain high pressure and temperature steam throughout the process enough to rotate a turbine. 

Food Industry 

Heat energy is the core element of food production and a vital requirement at every step. Industrial food-grade boilers can be used for food processing and packaging, and beverage processing. Precitech’s Steam Boiler aids in cooking, sanitizing, and packaging the products through direct or indirect heating. We have a variety of fuel options available such as coal and natural gas for every food industry. 

Paper Factory 

In the heating process, there is a term called “saturated steam”. Which indicates there is a uniform temperature throughout the process. Suppose it’s 100°C, then it maintains that temperature throughout the process. The corrugated packaging plants or paper factories use rolls internally heated through steam. The paper processing factories mostly need saturated steam. Precitech boilers are known for providing an ample amount of heat at a uniform temperature. 

Plywood Manufacturing 

As there is the moisture content in the wood. The boiler can be used to dry out the moisture content. One of the methods used to dry the wood is the steam contact method. In this method, the moisture content is removed by steam obtained from the boiler. The steam boilers are helpful in disinfection, extraction, drying, wood preservation, and sterilizing. 

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Pharmaceutical Industries are one of the highest consumers of heat energy and contribute sizable amounts of carbon dioxide to the environment. They require steam for sterilisation, drug production, and more. Precitech boilers are the premier solution for boiler requirements of Pharma Industries. Our boilers are in compliance with stringent regulations and policies. Thus, making it precise for temperature controls and safe for production.

Wrapping Up

When selecting a Steam Boiler, it’s important to calculate the capacity of the Steam Boiler. The boiler must have a capacity according to the heating loads and losses. Several other heating parameters such as temperature, pressure, and efficiency are also taken care of while selecting a Steam Boiler. 

At Precitech, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality Steam Boilers and boiler spare parts. We will help you save a lot on operating costs along with the commissioning, installation, and annual maintenance of the Steam Boiler. Precitech has rich experience in working on Turnkey Steam Boiler projects across Hyderabad and other parts of India.

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