How do Hot Air Generators work?

What is the significance of Hot Air Generators?

The processing industries are enormous assemblies of diversified industrial equipment, each contributing significantly to the manufacturing process of an end product. Every piece of equipment is assigned and designed to serve a specific role in this process. In the processing industry, the drying process often requires excess dryer air. Many intermediate products such as Raw Coal, Limestone, Clay, Lime sludge or various additives require periodic drying. In scenarios where excess hot air is unavailable, Hot Air Generators are employed that generates hot generator gas to serve the drying process.

Analyse and determine the most suitable Hot Air Generator for your industry’s drying requirement.

How does Hot Air Generators work?

Hot Air Generators primarily is built with a stainless steel shell and tube type heat exchanger. The tube is duly insulated to prevent radiation losses and increase the heat exchanger efficiency. The cold air fed over the combustion chamber with the help of a suitable capacity blower fan. The cabin absorbs heat from flue gas passage; ultimately, both hot flue gas and cold air travel in opposite directions.

Within a few moments, about 90% of an increase in temperature is achieved. The hot air is delivered from the outlet hole, ready to be utilized for drying processes.

How does Precitech’s Hot Air Generators beat the conventional?

Precitech’s fully automatic Hot Air Generators come equipped with a temperature-sensing device. The device is installed at the hot air ventilation outlet that toggles the burner between ON & OFF at a pre-set temperature with no human intervention.

We are also the best generator manufacturers. We design Heating Systems of various generator capacities operating on distinct fuels. Precitech provides Hot Air Generators with a range of generator fuel options such as:

  • Liquid Fuels – Oils
  • Gaseous Fuels – LPG or CNG
  • Solid Fuels – Pellets or Coal

Pre-Requisites for your first Hot Air Generator installation

Hot Air Generators are massive generator systems; proper care is highly essential for efficient functioning and long life. This checklist will help you with the initial setup required for Hot Air Dryer’s installation

Checklist for Hot Air Generator
  1. Single-phase or three-phase power supply according to the model.
  2. Fuel tank or generator gas connection for fuel supply.
  3. Fireplace to expel combustion gasses outside the enclosure.
  4. Air supply ducts if you want to heat more than one space.

Your Next Steps

In addition to a wide range of generator types available, Precitech’s Hot Air Generators are fabricated with the best and most formidable material. The generator systems are rigid and corrosion-resistant, furnishing an extended lifespan.

We also offer continuous on-site assistance backed by industry experts to identify and ideate any disturbances. Reach us right away, and let’s get your industrial journey started.