Steam or Hot water, which is better for industries?

Steam versus hot water which is suitable for which industry? Is there any way to switch between the two? These are the questions that many industries are trying to understand. Most facilities in the industries require heat in some way or another. 

Choosing the wrong heat source results in ineffective processes and increased operating costs. To decide on an optimal heat source it’s necessary to understand the industrial operations. Precitech has been working with overseas, local businesses and organisations for the past 27 years. We provide heating solutions such as steam boilers, and hot water generators in Hyderabad, and parts of India.  

Applications of Steam

Steam is one of the most widely used sources of heat in various industries. The Food sector, Power generation, and Dairy Chemical Industries are to name a few. The electricity in our houses, the dyeing of the clothes we wear, and the food which we consume all are processed by steam. 

The most preferable way to generate heat is through steam boilers. Power generation processes such as the Rankine cycle are possible because of steam boilers. 

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Application of Hot Water

Hot water generators have both industrial and domestic applications. The generators are used in Hotels, Institutions, Dairy Industry, and Hospitals to generate hot water. Beverage Industries require high-pressure hot water to make beverages. While water at comparatively low temperatures such as 80°C – 90°C is used in Hospitals and Hotels.  

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Which is Better: Steam or Hot Water?

At the same temperature, steam transfers more heat and is cost-effective. Although, in steam applications, there is a problem with hot and cold spots. Thus, cleaning of build-ups and sediments is very necessary for steam appliances.   

Hot water heating is easier to control and offers gradual heating. Hot water is preferable for processes where a lower amount of heat without any prior water treatment is required.  

Concluding Thoughts 

Above all, whatever you choose for your industry there should be annual maintenance and regular inspections. As mishaps may happen it’s always better to purchase superior quality heating equipment and seek advice from professionals. If choosing a heat source is difficult for your industry we are here to help you. 
Both steam and hot water are used in industries under different circumstances. However, if you are still unsure about which source of heat to choose then get in touch with us. We will help you choose good heating equipment according to the requirements of your industry.