What is a Hot Water Generator? Top 3 Common Problems with Hot Water Generators

What is a Hot Water Generator?

A Hot Water Generator (HWG) or Water Heater Generator is an efficient way to generate hot water instantly for industrial and domestic purposes. Industrial Hot Water Generators are comparatively efficient in transferring heat with optimum combustion. 

Hot Water Generator
Industrial Hot Water Generator

The basic working involves using an industrial burner to heat water that is flowing from the pump. And finally, the heated water is stored in hot water tanks. 

In Industrial Hot Water Generators the temperature of the water is primarily below 100°C. Thus, Hot Water Generators are used in industries that require water at a prefixed temperature. 

Industrial Problems caused by a Hot Water Generator:

  1. Hot water stops after several uses. This happens mainly due to a small water generator tank. Being a customer-centric brand, Precitech offers a customized capacity of Hot Water Generator.
  2. Many times hot water pipes get clogged by the mineral deposits present in the water. Thus, regular cleaning and maintenance of the pipes are required to rectify the problem.
  3. An Industrial Hot water Generator is prone to plumbing leaks and radiator leaks which leads to immense wastage of resources. It is advisable to connect with the Precitech team as we offer on-site service and maintenance.

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What do Precitech’s Hot Water Generator offer?

The operation of the Hot Water Generator is hassle-free as it has a single button to start and stop with automatic controls integrated. The generators incorporate a monoblock burner for heating. There is no need for prior water treatment as we can customize the generators with a calorifier. 

Our generators have smokeless combustion and have low pollution emissions. Also, there is a unique coil designed to prevent explosions in hazardous cases. Precitech always provides on-site assistance to their customers.

Longevity of Precitech’s Hot Water Generators

Precitech Hot Water Generators are fired by an extensive range of fuels. The HWGs work on electricity, LDO, and gas firing variants. It offers heat transfer with optimum combustion and high efficiency at all inputs. The generators also have less fuel consumption.  

The components used are robust and reliable with optimum maintenance for the tank, pump, and other controls. Large furnace volume, high radiant heat transfer area, and high convective heat transfer area ensure the longevity of Precitech’s Hot Water Generators. 

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Applications in Various Industries

HWGs are predominantly used in the Chemical, and Food Processing Industries. The Electric Hot Water Generator is used mostly in Hospitals and Hostels as the required temperature is low somewhere around 70℃. These generators are also easier to use than other variants.

For Residential complexes and Dairy plants, a Gas-Fired Hot Water Generator is used. These generators are easy to install and have a low installation cost. Diesel-fired Hot Water Generators are smaller in size and are considered good for the Hotel Industry. 
Precitech Hot Water Generators are manufactured using high-grade resources. The generators are available in various capacities as per quality standards. Precitech also provides customized services annually.

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