5 Industrial Applications of Synthetic Thermic Fluid

Many industries require moderate temperature and uniform heating for their indirect heating systems. Precitech’s Synthetic Thermic Fluid is a perfect choice for your industry as our Thermic Fluids are laden with many benefits.

To name a few, it has high thermal stability, low volatility, and minimum carbon deposits. The base oil used in Precitech’s Heat Transfer Fluid is synthetic hydrocarbons. Industries in Hyderabad and across India are using Precitech’s Heat Transfer Fluids for the effective working of their industries. 

Precitech’s Synthetic Thermic Fluid works on indirect closed heat transfer systems ranging up to 326°C. 

Learn more about High-Temperature Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil by Precitech here. Here are a few applications of Synthetic Thermic Fluid.

Chemical Industry 

Chemical Industries require Synthetic Thermic Fluid to produce — silicon, polycrystalline silicon, fluorine chemicals, dyes, paints, pesticides, and daily chemicals. 

Precitech’s Synthetic Thermic Fluid is a crucial part of — chemical reactions, polymerisation, purification, condensation, and other processes. Moreover, our Thermal Fluids have antioxidants and thermal stability, trusted by many chemical processing industries in Hyderabad. 

Pumax Chemicals from Hyderabad has been one of our clients. They are leading manufacturers of various types of resins. Here is what our client has to say about Precitech. 

Pharmaceutical Industry 

Some chemical applications require extremely low temperatures, precise temperature control, or multistep chemical processes spanning many temperature ranges. 

Many of the Pharmaceutical Industries have used Precitech’s heat transfer fluids all over Hyderabad and India to provide trouble-free performance and longevity in heat transfer systems vital for their operations’ success.

Renewable Technologies

Precitech’s R&D team believes in developing and collaborating on eco-conscious technologies. As a result, various industries, including renewable energy generation from thermal concentrated solar power and waste energy recovery systems, employ Precitech’s Synthetic Thermic Fluids.

Our non-toxic and non-fouling heat transfer fluid keeps your solar thermal power plants running efficiently. 

One of our leading partners has been Milestone Solarcom — a Hyderabad-based company who are at the forefront of providing — commercial and residential solar heating systems.  

Food and Beverage Processing Industries 

The utilisation of heat transfer fluids is well suited for several applications in the food processing industry. Heat transfer fluids have various applications such as — vegetable oil deodorisation, food additive manufacture, food packing, and food preparation.

Using Precitech heat transfer fluids in a properly built and well-maintained heat transfer system will result in economical operation and efficient production.

The necessity of heat transfer fluid should not contaminate the end product. Thus, we offer high-quality food-grade synthetic fluid. One of our clients’ in the Food sector is the Hyderabad based top-notch premium sweets and savouries company- Almond house. 

Plastic and Polymer Processing

Plastics and polymer manufacturing equipment necessitate a high level of operational flexibility. In addition, some procedures require a lot of heat and temperature control. Precitech heat transfer fluids have been widely used in these essential applications. 

Synthetic Thermic Fluids are employed in the industry for extension, polymerisation, and synthetic fibre production. A Synthetic Thermic Fluid or a heat transfer fluid maintains a stable temperature for polymer processing.

Final Thoughts on Synthetic Thermic Fluid

Ever thought that by following a few tips, you can increase the life of Synthetic Thermic Fluids. Want to know those tips? Read the blog here.

Precitech’s Thermic Fluids have good thermal stability within their expected temperature ranges and provide years of trouble-free service with minimum downtime.

However, sometimes poor operating conditions can cause the heat transfer fluid to degrade and even deposit on the heat transfer surfaces. Precitech provides synthetic thermal fluids and technical support to ensure that your heat transfer system operates at peak efficiency. Give us a call; we have a team of knowledgeable engineers who can manage the problems of your industry and avoid unnecessary costs.