Easy Guide on the Maintenance of Incinerators

Incineration is a process of reducing solid waste or any other type of dangerous waste such as hospital waste by combustion. It is one of the safest waste treatment processes to handle large amounts of wastage. Precitech has been collaborating with industries across Hyderabad and other parts of India to provide premium quality Incinerators.  

Features of Precitech Incinerators  

Our Incinerators can swiftly handle 1kg/hr to 4Ton/hour of wastage. With primary and secondary chambers, and an efficient dust collector system. The incinerators are installed with a heat recovery system with automatic controls. 

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4 ways of Incinerator Maintenance 

The waste material is heated at a high temperature where it is completely converted to ash. It is one of the waste treatment processes where the heat generated by combustion can be further used for energy generation as well. The solid wastage is reduced by 80%-85% by the usage of incineration. It is a way to counter the problem of landfilling and also a better way to handle e-waste. For the longevity of incinerators the maintenance can is done in four ways: 

Daily Maintenance

The daily maintenance should include simple repairs if there are any. 

  • Keep the incinerator area clean and uninfected. 
  • Maintain the fuel stock levels for the continuous incineration process. 

Weekly Maintenance 

For the weekly maintenance 

  • While cleaning the incinerators remove lumps of glass or plastic.
  •  Clean the grates and reinstall them properly. 
  • Remove all the soot from the chimney. Ensure the cement seal and brickwork is intact. 
  • Maintain good housekeeping of the waste disposal site. 

Monthly Maintenance 

For the monthly maintenance of the incinerators:

  • Ensure the fencing area of the site is faultless. 
  • Check vertical fixings of the chimney. Keep a look at the inventory.
  • Check the ash door for — corrosion, damaged hinges, or latch blockage in the door. 

Annual Maintenance 

Finally, for the annual maintenance: 

  • Inspect and replace overused parts, and check the status of the ash pit.
  • Perform an annual audit with your team. 
  • Always ensure that the environmental audits and the government permits are up-to-date. 

About Precitech Incinerators

Precitech incinerators have been working in many organisations for more than a decade or two. The reason is, that our team of engineers at Precitech have designed the incinerators after a lot of research to suit the Indian markets. We keep testing our heating equipment extensively to examine its efficiency and remove any shortcomings. 

When it comes to materials we always select good high-quality stainless steel and anti-corrosive materials. Proper painting & blasting of the materials is being done to make the surface of the incinerators sturdy. Our various incinerators are employed by municipal corporations, organizations, and institutes in Hyderabad, Telangana and many other Indian cities. 

Partner with Precitech 

At Precitech we do believe in total customer satisfaction. With every piece of heating equipment from Precitech, you will get a faultless operation, energy efficiency, and continuous on-site assistance backed by industry experts. Reach us today to start your industrial journey.