Eco-Conscious & Sustainable Heating Solutions

One of the many alarming environmental issues that need immediate solutions is climate change. The researchers claim that the effects of climate change have affected every part of the world and according to the study, extreme weather occurrences and rising temperatures are directly related. Unsurprisingly, human activities lay at the core of all these destructions. Renewable energy helps immensely in minimizing energy imports and reducing fossil fuel consumption. 

At Precitech we provide a wide range of sustainable heating solutions. We have been catering to the needs of the Indian heating equipment industry for more than two decades. We supply Boilers, Incinerators, Hot Air Generators, Boilers & Burner Spare parts in Hyderabad, India. Check out our range of products here

Advantages of Sustainable Energy

Usage of fossil fuels negligently in the production of energy has contributed mainly to the disruption of the climate. Both energy security and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions depend heavily on renewable energy. 

Sustainable energy poses only a minor risk to the environment and certainly does not contribute to climate change. This is why sustainable energy is a solution to the threats put forth by humans to the environment. 

As stated earlier, sustainable energy is the saviour of all the environmental issues that are taking place at a much faster pace than expected, following are the advantages of sustainable energy:

  1. It’s eco-friendly
  2. A renewable and reliable source of energy
  3. It helps in balancing the economic turmoils
  4. Reduces carbon footprint
  5. Makes the environment more pure and clean

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Waste to Energy Solutions

Precitech provides customised sustainable heating solutions. Thus, according to the requirement of the industry, we provide energy recovery options for heating equipment especially, incinerators. 

For instance, consider our Biomass-Powered Boilers. These boilers are low maintenance, cost-efficient and highly effective in the production process. Similarly, the incinerators we provide have customised energy recovery options. One more example is our Fuel-Free Incinerators which run only by harnessing the calorific value of the waste to produce heat. Read more about it here

Solutions from Precitech

We have the options of biogas as a fuel option for Gas Fired Steam Boiler, Vertical Boiler and Horizontal Steam Boiler. Further, our hot air generators have smokeless combustion. At Precitech we also have Fuel-Free Incinerators which work without any fuel. 

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Partner with Precitech 

With more than 27 years of experience, we have supplied sustainable heating equipment to many industries across Hyderabad, other cities in India & neighbouring countries. Do you want sustainable and eco-friendly heating solutions for your industry? 

With every piece of heating equipment from Precitech, you will get a faultless operation, energy efficiency, and continuous on-site assistance backed by industry experts. Reach us today to start your industrial journey.