Why Waste Management is crucial? How Incinerators are your best bet?

Why is waste accumulation a critical problem today?

We produce mammoth amounts of waste every day. A mountainous 1.5 lakh metric tonne of solid waste is estimated to be generated by an individual daily. With such enormous amounts of garbage getting generated every day, the effectiveness of all the available Solid Waste Management methods is raising a red flag.

In India, waste is classified into – eight different categories, segregated based on the source of the waste generation like e-waste, and the toxicity to human life such as biomedical waste. Our country has implemented various stringent waste management measures to reduce its impact on our lives. However, a befitting waste management tool is of utmost necessity to every industry. 

Do we have a viable solution for Waste Management?

Waste accumulation is a terribly serious problem worldwide. The traditional landfill method of waste dumping is proving incapable with the growing population and scarcity of land for disposal.

With the problems of growing waste production and inadequate waste disposal methods, Incineration is the most efficient and effective solution available right now. Get in touch with the team to know more.

What are Incinerators, and how does Precitech brings in a breakthrough?

Incineration is a heat treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances at high temperatures contained within the waste materials. Electric Incinerators are the most prominent and cost-efficient type of Incinerators. On top of that, Precitech has introduced completely Fuel-Free Incinerators!

Conventional Incinerators majorly depend on fossil fuel combustion for functioning. However, Precitech’s fuel-free Incinerators generate very high temperatures without any fuel supply. The Telangana Government has appreciated the product’s effectiveness and counselled its advantages to many Government organizations.

We are not all about numbers, we are more than that!

In addition to the innovative systems, we are the market leaders for various conventional Incinerators. We offer Incinerators ranging from Chemical Waste Incinerators to Industrial Waste Incinerators. Many major Government organizations – ONGC, MES, and CBI in Hyderabad are our esteemed clients.

Precitech is not only driven by mere numbers; our business is motivated by principles and human virtues. We introduced Human Body Incinerators amidst the gruesome Covid-19 situation.

When proper human body cremation was unreachable, and the situation slipped into a saddening condition, Precitech assisted the government and helped in providing formal cremation to the deceased. By covering major areas of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka, we lent a hand to the needy and worked along with GHMC Hyderabad as we couldn’t sit unconcerned.

Entrust in the Design and accelerate your growth

Our premium Incinerators for waste management use the highest standards of construction backed by 25 years of engineering experience. We work round the clock and deliver you the best within short notice. We piloted the Human-Body Incinerator installation and functioning to a client within an unimaginable 9 days!

With an admirable range of Incinerators available at Precitech, we are certain you will find the perfect solution to your waste challenges.

Feel free to call us at your convenient time. We would be happy to help!